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Examination questions
Stylistics” an Introduction Contents 1. Stylistics as a linguistic discipline 2. The notion of style 3. Stylistic markedness (SM) 4. Expressiveness, imagery, emotiveness, intensity. 5. Variation. 6. Expressive means (EM) and stylistic devices (SD) 7. Spoken and written English. 8. The notion
Bachelor thesis
Contens of the course paper- Introductio­n.. Chapter 1..(theo as a branch of linguistics .. §2.approaches t­o the definition of an idiom... §3. Featu­res of idioms ... §4. Influence ­of belonging to a nation and a culture on colour interpretat­ion.. §5. Descriptio
Grammatical means of expressing emphasis in oral and written texts. Grammatical means of expressing emphasis in oral and written texts. Emphasis - a very general term for any phenomenon which serves to draw particular attention to some element in a sentence or utterance, either to place that element
OU students and conventional undergraduates - strengths and weaknesses of both. There is no denial that nowadays people have a great amount of opportunities to get education. Different colleges and universities are always open. In Russia it is possible to study for free, in other countries one can
Die Darstellung des Konjunktivs und des Imperativs bei E.Schendels und bei Duden 1. Einleitung 2. Die Darstellung des Konjunktivs und des Imperativs bei E.Schendels und bei Duden 3. Schlussfolgerung Einleitung Drei Modi - der Indikativ, der Konjunktiv und der Imperativ dienen zur Charakterisirung
Examination questions
LEXICOLOGY EXAM QUESTIONS 1. Lexicology as a branch of linguistics. Word as an object of lexicology. 2. External and internal structure of a word. Formal and semantic unity of a word. 3. Syntagmatic and paradigmatic levels of studying a word. Studying words synchronically and diachronically. 4.
Text Analysis
Text analysis The text under analysis is entitled Presuppositions”­, it is a part of a textbook and it belongs to the scientific writing”. The main idea of the text is to provide the reader with the information about the role of presuppositions in creating a comic effect in humorous texts. The
Sprachgeschichte Vorlesung 1. Einführung 1 сентября 2017 г. История страны и история языка - не одно и то же. Deutsch deutsch — diut-isc (-isc => -sch; diot - Volk) — die volksmäßige Sprache (die Sprache, der man versteht, weil Deutsch unterscheidete
Connectives and conjunctions: Study the phrases below and make a note of the ones that are not quite familiar to you. Please note that these phrases are frequently used in essays and academic writing but less so in narratives and in an informal or neutral style: EXPLAINING RESULTS AND REASONS Because,
Las mujeres y la vejez.Un resumen de las mujeres en la epoca de vejez. La vejez o el período de la Tercera Edad es la etapa más larga de la vida en que la gente puede ser capaces de explorar, de crear, partiendo de un excelente recurso que es la experiencia. La verdad es que cuando la gente se jubila suele
Exam preparation
Список вопросов к зачету по философии 1.Философия: предмет, круг проблем, функции. Философия — форма духовной деятельности, направленной на постановку,

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