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Ruhr-Universität Bochum - RUB
Term paper
The School for Scandal 1. Introduction: The scope of this paper is to conduct a literary analysis of the late 18th century play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, called “The School for Scandal”. The play deals with topics such as hypocrisy and gossip in the higher class society of London in the 1770s
Term paper
Sheridan's The School For Scandal in the Context of Sentimental Comedy and Restoration Comedy Schriftliche Hausarbeit fĂĽr den Kurs: The Literature of Sensibility from Richard Steele to Jane Austen vorgelegt von: L., F. 11. Februar 2012 Herr Prof. Dr. Niederhoff Table of Contents 1. Introduction..3
When I read the article by Madeleine Schröder about converting Shakespeare’­s Romeo and Juliet into text-speak as way of postmodern behaviour, I wondered about postmodern stylistics. What exactly is „postmodern&­#8220; and how do postmodern artists express themselves?
The darkest day by Rudolph Giuliani Speech analysis In the speech "The darkest day" that was given a week after the terrorist attacks in 2001 Rudolph Giuliani present his view of America underlining the ideas of Liberty - and constitutional rights in America. In his description of America
Term paper
Ruhr-Universität Bochum English Department A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court Kennedy and Camelot Paper for the Seminar Arthur 2000: The Once and Future King at the Beginning of a New Millennium” Paul Botheroyd Cultural Studies Great Britain WS 2008/09 Submitted by
Term paper
History of Immigration in the United States Content 1. Introduction 3 1.1 Migration 3 1.2 Push and pull factors 4 2. History of migration 4 2.1 British migration 4 2.2 Irish migration 6 2.3 German migration 6 2.4 Other European migration 7 3. Today’s migration 8 4. Conclusion 9 Bibliography 10
Seminarprotokoll EinfĂĽhrung in die klassische chinesische Philosophie(WS 2015-2016) Dozent: Prof. Dr. H. R. Protokollant: J., Y. Datum: 21.01.2016 Zu Beginn der Sitzung wird die kurze Vorstellung ĂĽber das Mohismus gesprochen. Das Mohismus wurde von Mozi gegrĂĽndet und ist die einzige Schule

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