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Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin

Presentation647 Words / ~ pages La inmigración ilegal en España ¿Qué valoran los latinosameric­anos en España? Aspectos positivos: - la posibilidad de ganar dinero (porque la situación económica de sus países era mucho peor) - la amabilidad y solidavidad - el trato humano Rasgos negativos: - la discriminació­n - la xenofobia - el racismo Emigrantes de ida y vuelta Diciembre 2001: Durante la crisis económica y política en Argentina miles de personas de todas las profesiones querían anbandonar su país. Querían ir a España, porque allí se habla la misma lengua y por eso muchos consideran España como patria. La gente espera que puedan recibir un pasaporte europeo. La vida del emigrante en el país de destino no es mejor que antes, porque los habitantes allí se comporta como unos racistas hacia los inmigrantes. Además los habitantes de los países en el oeste no se interesan…[show more]
Presentation559 Words / ~ pages L´opéra Carmen Líntroduction­: Aujourd´hui je veux vous présenter l´opéra Carmen. L´opéra est un opéra-comique et envahie 160 minutes. Elle est ecrit de Ludivic Halévy et Henri Meilhac et la musique et de Georges Bizet. Carmen est d´après la nouvelle „Carmen“ de Prosper Mérimée et la premirère est eu le 3 mars 1875 à l´Opéra-Comiq­ue à Paris. L´Intrigue: L´opéra Carmen joue à Sevilla en Espagne en 1820. Elle est part en 4 actes. Les cigarières ont récréation. Ils vont dehors et draguent les soldates, qui sont stationés ici. La tsigane Carmen flirte avec un jeune soldate, Don Jose, qui n´a pas beaucoup d´expérience avec les filles. Peu après, Carmen et une autre cigarière se disputent et Carmen la blesse avec un mouton. Jose doit l´arrêter, mais Carmen persuade Jose, alors il la libére. À cause de ça, il est captivé et doit aller au prison.…[show more]
Interpretation962 Words / ~2 pages Analysis of a commercial Chocolate and other sweets can make your life more tasteful. The advertisement of “Duplo” – a chocolate stick - describes a situation of a woman and a man. They don’t know each other and sit or go for a walk in the park. Suddenly the man with “Duplo” in his hand discovers the girl sitting on a bench and reading a book. He decides to sit down next to the girl and wants to impress her. Furthermore his “Duplo” transforms to a sort of a wand and then he pushes the clouds away, dissolves the problems of waiting cars and he shows her two statues of lions getting alive and jumping like lions in the circus. At the end of magic he gives her a “Duplo” and they enjoy the taste of “Duplo” together. Now they know each other only because of “Duplo”. I’d like to use the first l8 seconds of the advertisement­. It is a very short clip but it has got…[show more]
Essay802 Words / ~ pages The Industrial Revolution John Kay The cotton Industry was a major factor in the Industrial Revolution and was one of the most essential industries for development of the industrializa­tion. Since cotton was so important and vital, subsequently, most of the inventions made during the industrial time around 1780 were mainly for manufacturing and producing cotton. In 1733, the demand for cotton cloth was extremely high, but the production was low. This crisis had to be solved in order for England’s economy not to be hindered. The solution to this critical issue came from a British weaver called John Kay. Kay saw these problems that the cotton industry was facing and thought about how to make cotton production faster and more efficient. Thus, he invented the flying shuttle, England’s most innovative invention for the cloth production…[show more]
Lecture509 Words / ~ pages Steve Jobs Who is Steve? Steve Jobs was an genius of modern age. He gave us tools which changed our lives and our way to communicate. Steve Jobs was born in 24. Februrary 1955 in Mountain View. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. As a child he was very stressfull for example he drank insectposion and had to go to the hospital. In Silicon Valey he visitied different schools. Later he met Steve Wozniak and they became best friends because they shared the same hobby. At this time nobody knows that these two will change our world. First steps in his career: Steve Jobs studied in Oregon at the Read College. After 1 Semester he was bored and left the College. 1976 Jobs and Wozniak founded the company Apple computer in his own garage. Their first invention was the computer Apple 1. This computer had a 0.008 MB Memory. For example 1 picture on your phone…[show more]
Essay1.525 Words / ~6 pages The structure and function of Proteins The main structure groups in which we divide proteins are the Primary level of protein structure, the Secondary level of protein structrue, Tertiary level of protein structure ans the Quaternary level of protein structure. Primary: it refers to the sequence of amino acids and the location of disulfide bonds. When the amino acids are linked by the peptide bonds they are called residues. Short chains of amino acids residues are often called (oligo-)pepti­des. The top diagram is the 3D structure the bottom one the chemical structure. (N-terminal end of a polypeptide contains a free amino group and C-terminal end contains a free carboxylate group) Secondary: refers to regular, local structure of the protein backbone. It is stabilised by intramolecula­r and sometimes intermolecula­r hydrogen…[show more]
Essay1.028 Words / ~2 pages Hitlers rise to power 1933 “Looking back at the three years preceding 30 January 1933, Hitler’s rise to power was far from inevitable.” If you look at the time before Hitler became chancellor of the Germany, there are several, many reasons which are to blame. Some of these are factor which come from the ‘outside’, but some others can also be considered as mistakes made by different people or the government. Many of these factors were avoidable, so in conclusion also Hitler’s and the Nazi’s rise to power was not inevitable, but instead preventable. If you first look at the National Socialist German Workers Party’s election results from 1928 to 1932, there is a clear increase: On 28 November 1928, they had only about 2.6%, but on 30 September two years later, they gained already about 18% of the elections results. In the elections in 1932,…[show more]
Translation379 Words / ~ pages Les grands bâtiments publics Hôtel de Ville : Théodore Ballu et Pierre Deperthes ont construit un grand bâtiment en blanc sur la style de la renaissance. L´Hôtel a beaucoup de fenêtres et sur la façade sont beaucoup de petites statues et piliers. Au milieu du bâtiment est une horloge sur la façade et au-dessus de l’horloge est une tour. L´Hôtel de Ville est à côté de la Seine et il est auprès des Louvres. La place devant l´Hôtel est une rue piétonne, où ont lieu régulièrement des animations par exemple courir le patin à glace en hiver. Palais Royal : Jacques Le Mercier a construit le bâtiment. Il est un Palais pour la ville. Le Palais est sur le nord du Louvre. Ce Palais abrite la Comédie-Franç­aise, le Conseil d´État, le Conseil de la Constitution et le ministère pour la culture. Il est un bâtiment immense avec beaucoup de piliers. Le palais…[show more]
Essay502 Words / ~ pages Volunteering at home or abroad? Minh Chau 11.1 Nowadays a lot of students think about volunteer work. I also thought about it and had a lot of questions that need to be answered. Luckily, I read an article about it. In the article there were many interesting topics e.g. if I should go abroad or rather stay at home. That specific topic was very arguable as I asked my friends and relatives about it. I heard a lot of cons and even more pros. Therefore, I decided to write about it myself. Hence, in the following text I will write about if you should stay at home or go abroad to volunteer. I’ll give arguments which support and not support both sides. In the beginning, I want to talk about volunteering abroad. I absolutely support it because you can experience so much while being in a foreign country. For example, you can meet the people’s culture from…[show more]

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