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Schiller-Gymnasium Berlin
La inmigración ilegal en España ¿Qué valoran los latinosamericanos en España? Aspectos positivos: - la posibilidad de ganar dinero (porque la situación económica de sus países era mucho peor) - la amabilidad y solidavidad - el trato humano Rasgos negativos: - la discriminación - la xenofobia - el
L´opéra Carmen Líntroduction: Aujourd´hui je veux vous présenter l´opéra Carmen. L´opéra est un opéra-comique et envahie 160 minutes. Elle est ecrit de Ludivic Halévy et Henri Meilhac et la musique et de Georges Bizet. Carmen est d´après la nouvelle Carmen de Prosper Mérimée
Analysis of a commercial Chocolate and other sweets can make your life more tasteful. The advertisement of Duplo” – a chocolate stick - describes a situation of a woman and a man. They don’t know each other and sit or go for a walk in the park. Suddenly the man with Duplo” in his hand discovers
The Industrial Revolution John Kay The cotton Industry was a major factor in the Industrial Revolution and was one of the most essential industries for development of the industrialization. Since cotton was so important and vital, subsequently, most of the inventions made during the industrial
S. G. The structure and function of Proteins The main structure groups in which we divide proteins are the Primary level of protein structure, the Secondary level of protein structrue, Tertiary level of protein structure ans the Quaternary level of protein structure. Primary: it refers to the sequence
Hitlers rise to power 1933 Looking back at the three years preceding 30 January 1933, Hitler’s rise to power was far from inevitable.” If you look at the time before Hitler became chancellor of the Germany, there are several, many reasons which are to blame. Some of these are factor which come from
Les grands bâtiments publics Hôtel de Ville : Théodore Ballu et Pierre Deperthes ont construit un grand bâtiment en blanc sur la style de la renaissance. L´Hôtel a beaucoup de fenêtres et sur la façade sont beaucoup de petites statues et piliers. Au milieu du bâtiment est une horloge sur la
Volunteering at home or abroad? Minh Chau 11.1 Nowadays a lot of students think about volunteer work. I also thought about it and had a lot of questions that need to be answered. Luckily, I read an article about it. In the article there were many interesting topics e.g. if I should go abroad or rather stay

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