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Shanghai University

Report834 Words / ~2 pages Reading Report on Literature and Form The philosophical foundations of Aestheticism were formulated in the eighteenth century by Immauel Kant who secured the autonomy of aesthetic judgement from consideration­s of utility and morality. The Critique of Judgement is a philosophical work which lays the foundation of aesthetics. By saying “the beautiful is that which apart from concepts is represented as the object of a universal satisfaction”­, Kant establishes that something is beautiful is a claim that it possesses the form of finality - that is, that it appears to have been designed with a purpose, even though it does not have any apparent practical function. Walter Pater’s play of reflection indeed enjoys a large freedom from the moral and utilitarian, even if in the end he feels obliged to draw a moral lesson…[show more]
Report710 Words / ~ pages Li Ning Corporate Social Responsabilit­y Describe the company, including its revenues, employees, and geographic presence. Name­ Li-Ning Company Limited Revenue $1.35 billion Employees 3,380 Main market Asia Li Ning Company Limited is one of the leading sport brand companies in China. It has an extensive supply chain system and a retailed distribution. They are growing very fast in emerging markets and since 2011 merging with the Chicago based Acquity Group and expanding their brand awareness to the US market. Li Ning Company also manufactures and develops other specific brands that are licensed or operated thought joint ventures, including Double happiness for tennis, AIGLE for outdoors and Lotto for sports fashion. As march 2007, there were 4,297 Li-Ning retail stores. The company directly owns some of the retail…[show more]
Interpretation674 Words / ~ pages Characterizat­ion of Willy The main protagonist Willy Loman of “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller is the most complex character in the drama. A clear developed split, dual personality was a consequence of him believing wholeheartedl­y in the American Dream which he never achieves, resulting him living in the American Nightmare and his mental health beginning to break. The overwhelming psychotic situation of Willy caused by this disparity, especially him not being able to tell the difference between the past and the present, form the main conflict of the play. Not only does Willy let his condition show through the interactions with others, he also is not realizing his personal failure and the betrayal and lies throughout his whole life. Willy Loman is a 60 year old travelling salesman who has worked at the Wagner Company for…[show more]
Term paper6.455 Words / ~18 pages Kommunikation des Christentums im B-Dorf in der Shandong Provinz Inhaltsverzei­chnis 1 Einleitung 1 2 Die Entwicklung der Religion im B-Dorf 1 2.1 Ein Überblick über den traditionelle­n ländlichen Glaube 1 2.2 Die Entwicklung und aktuelle Situation des Christentums im B-Dorf 1 3 Kommunikation­sinha­lt- und strategie 1 3.1 Die Analyse des Kommunikation­sinha­lts 1 3.2 Die Analyse der Kommunikation­sstra­tegi­e 1 4 Soziale Ursachen für die christliche Kommunikation im B-Dorf 1 4.1 Relativ stehenbleiben­des Gesundsystem 1 4.2 Aushöhlung der ländlichen Familien 1 4.3 Der Mangel an den kollektiven Unterhaltungs­aktiv­ität­en 1 5 Die Einflüsse des Christentums 1 5.1 Positive Einflüsse 1 5.2 Nagative Einflüsse 1 6 Zusammenfassu­ng 1 Anhang: Interview Gliederung Literaturverz­eichn­is Einleitung China ist…[show more]

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