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Stams Meinhardinum

Presentation739 Words / ~ pages Las Vegas - The city of entertainment and gambling Dear teacher, dear classmates we would like to tell you something about Las Vegas. Has anybody of you ever been at Las Vegas? Vegas is famous for its casinos, the entertainment and gambling. Las Vegas is in the east of the USA. Furthermore, it is the largest city of the federal Nevada. All around Vegas is desert. Las Vegas has 620’000 inhabitants on an area of 340km². But with all the surround villages Vegas has 2’000’000 inhabitants. Famous people like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra or Elton John grew up in Las Vegas. The name ¨Las Vegas¨ is Spanish and means ¨the meadows¨, on German ¨die Wiesen¨. The name comes from the Mormons, a religious and cultural group. Las Vegas is a globally important tourist center that attracts about 40 million travellers every year. History: 1854 the Mormons…[show more]
Presentation447 Words / ~ pages English Presentation: Profession as a cook. Englisch Präsentation Koch What is a cook in general? Cooks prepare food in the kitchen or for outside catering as well as planning menus or presenting new food creations and their prices. They mostly work in hotels or restaurants, but also in hospitals, canteens or even in industries. Career path In Austria it takes 3 years for being a fully educated cook. After that the career mostly starts with training as a junior chef. They learn about each of the different sections in the kitchen, how to make sauces and desserts, and how to cook meat and fish. They also learn how to use kitchen equipment safely. At this stage in their careers, they may have to wash up and look after the kitchen utensils too. Those who move on to take responsibilit­y for one of the sections become chef de parties. This is a senior…[show more]

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