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Technische Universität Dresden - TUD

Summary941 Words / ~ pages Aus Business 21 Autoren: ORiordan/ Lehniger, D Chapter 9: Management and Leadership 1.0 Introduction to Management and Leadership Differentiate between Management and Leadership? Manager The role of the manager is essentially one as an implementer. overseeing the operational concerns of a firm Leader The role of the leader is that of pathfinder or visionary – more an element of the wider management role Leadership: more strategical, concerned with setting the future direction of the organization as a whole Section I: Management 2.0 Management Concerned with designing and carrying out plans and objectives, getting things done and working effectively with people In need of technical, human and conceptual skills Important aspects of management are - knowing your strength and weaknesses Evaluating your own performance…[show more]
Miscellaneous 1.114 Words / ~ pages Stakeholder Theory A classic economic view on a company identifies shareholders and stockholders as groups, which influence the strategy and behaviour of a business. In 1984 a book published by FREEMAN, first of all developed the theory of stakeholders. FREEMAN (1984) defines a stakeholder as “any individual or group who can affect or is affected by the actions, decisions, policies, practices, or goals of the organisation” (Freeman, R. E. 1984: 46). The term influences business since the mid-80th and marks a change of perspective on business and its affected. Stakeholders have a deep impact on today’s business, which is often underestimate­d. The stakeholder themselves and their influences depend on the business, but they exist at last in any business. Stakeholders differ in their relation to the business.…[show more]
Term paper1.416 Words / ~ pages Market Integration of Wind Generation in Germany After describing the special characteristi­cs of wind energy it is important to analyze the market integration of wind generation in Germany. Klessmann et al. (2008) therefore analyze the integration of wind energy in Germany, Spain and Great Britain. In the paper at hand, only Germany’­;s market is discussed. As there are fluctuations in the wind yield, wind power plants are limited in replacing conventional power generators. In Germany there are currently 21,164 wind energy plants with a power of about 25,777 MW and an amount of 7.58 percent of the gross electricity consumption and thus wind power generation is the most used form of renewable energy in Germany (BWE, Statistics, 2009). There are different support schemes in Europe for the market integration of renewable…[show more]
Essay776 Words / ~2 pages -C. English – Mr Jones 26/09/13 The Great Gatsby, F. S.Fitzgerald : Analysis passage ps.13-14 This is a passage from the first chapter of John Fitzgerald’s « The Great Gatsby », in which Nick Carraway visits his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom Buchanan -an arrogant man in his thirties who comes from an ancient, staggeringly wealthy family- in the East Egg. Tom has met Nick earlier and takes him through a « high hallway », into a space in which Daisy and her friend Jordan Baker are lazily laying on a couch. It is a simple visitation, however Nick mentally paints with extreme precision what he sees when encountering his cousin. F. Scott Fitzgerald crowns Tom and Daisy’s mansion with a fantasy and divine-lookin­g appearance. He uses Nick’s senses to describe the slight movement and the purity that emanates from the place he visits. A « breeze…[show more]
Homework521 Words / ~ pages Środki masowego przekazu Nie jestem dużym użytkownikiem środków masowego przekazu, dlatego nie odgrywają v moim życiu ważną rolę. Nie jest to dlatego, że mnie wiadomości nie interesują, ale bo po prostu nie mam czasu. W przypadku, że się dzieje coś bardzo ważnego, to potem staram się szukać tą informację wsiędzie, gdzie jest to możliwe. Przykład takie wiadomości jest wypadek tramwajowy, który stał się na naszej linii z wsi do miasta. Drugim przykładem może być ważna sprawa polityczna w czasie wyborów, czy jakaś afera (na przykład teraz, kiedy nasz prezydent mówil bardzo wulgarnie). Dla mnie jest ważna tylko taka informacja, której mi w życiu potrzeba, lub która mnie interesuje. Kiedy byłam małą dziewczyną, to czytałam czasopisma dla dzieci, najwięcej „Sluníčko“. Potem rozpocznęła się długa faza oglądania telewizji,…[show more]
Portfolio6.903 Words / ~13 pages De reis van de lege flessen AuteurAbdolah­, Kader ThemaIraanse vluchtelingen VormRoman TaalNederland­s PeriodeJaren negentig Jaar van uitgave1997 Bron tekstEerste druk 97, 1998 Bron artikelNijgh Versluys Inhoudsopgave Samenvatting Reacties Kader Abdolah De reis van de lege flessen (De Geus, Breda 1997) 156 paginas Inhoud De ik-figuur (Bolfazl) is een Iraanse vluchteling die sinds een jaar of zeven met zijn vrouw en zoon in een dorp aan de IJssel woont.Zijn eerste Nederlandse buurman was de kunstenaar René, die met zijn tienerdochter samenwoonde. Veel dingen waren nieuw voor Bolfazl: de omgeving, de geluiden, het geslachtsdeel van zijn naakt zonnende buurman, de natuur, het weer en natuurlijk de taal, die hij intensief bestudeerde. Op een dag ontdekte Bolfazl dat er een man met oorbelletjes bij René was ingetrokken.…[show more]

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