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UCLA/ Los Angeles

Tutorial2.919 Words / ~15 pages The conflict between the United States and Iraq. By all accounts, the reality of the American occupation and rebuilding of Iraq has diverted considerably from the idealistic vision that the occupiers held at the outset. Indeed, the American experience as an occupying force has been a disillusionin­g one. Through the course of their occupation the American strategists and forces alike have had to learn a lot of hard lessons about why their initial plans were wrong what they might need to do to amend it. For the Iraqis, the experience has generally been one of considerable hardship and suffering. While there are similarities in the sense that both sides have experienced a heavy dose of confusion, frustration, and concern about the future course of Iraq, there are key differences as well. Foremost among these is the fact that, as the…[show more]
Lab Report2.013 Words / ~10 pages Types of chemical reaction Nevo Mantel França 10B Chemistry Lab report: Types of chemical reaction Element Before During After Methane Transparent gas, passing through the tube. The sparks suddenly make the fire turn on and after turning it on, and after turning it on we regulate the oxygen making the fire blue or yellowish orange. After regulating with no oxygen the methane or the fire gets blue. Methane Iron Transparent gas, passing through the tube. A ball of steel wool, where it is squished and shiny light gray. There were little sparks occuring during the burning of the steel wool and it didn’t get on fire. The steel wool doesn’t get on fire only reacts and turns the same. Methane Copper (II) Carbonate Transparent gas, passing through the tube. Has a greyish green color, powder with really crumbled particles, also really smooth.…[show more]
Homework622 Words / ~ pages Gloves: An original short story Writing Assignment: Life in Townsville was very simple. Simple people, simple houses, simple routines. Only one rule prevailed in the whole city: “It is absolutely compulsory to wear gloves at all times”. Nobody ever questioned that rule, no one even stopped and thought about it. Gloves became an extension of your hand. Some even said that younger generations ignored the existence of hands. There had never been a man who challenged this law. Yet. Walter had always been an ordinary man. Nothing remotely strange had ever happened to him. He was a simple carpenter who had a small shop by the town’s docks. Everyday he had the same habit: he woke up, got dressed, ate two bowls of cereal and went straight to work, where he’d stay until six o’clock and come back home. Never had he broken this routine, until that…[show more]
Summary1.302 Words / ~6 pages Summary of our first Abi exam for Spanish. It includes a information about different films (for example Tlatelolco: Verano del 68) and books like 12 cuentos peregreinios form Gabriel Garcia Marquez Textos literarios “12 cuentos peregrinos”- Gabriel García Márquez Cuento Personajes Temática “Buen viaje señor presidente” El presidente Homero Lazara Pobreza, inestabilidad política, idiosincrasia latinoamerica­na “La Santa” Margarito Duarte El tenor Narrado protagonista Critica a la iglesia, creencias religiosas, perseverancia­, superstición, prostitución “El avión de la bella durmiente” La bella El protagonista Belleza, superficialid­ad “Tramontana” Narrador (y familia) Muchacho/suec­os Portero Temor, terror, muerte, fuerza de la naturaleza, diferencias entre europeos y latinos/carib­eños “Me alquilo…[show more]
Essay1.920 Words / ~7 pages Alex Writing 150 Fall October 25th, 2015 Writing Project 3 In the summer of 2001, Beijing was granted the bid to host the world’s most extravagant sporting event, the Olympic Games, and a chance to further their country onto the world stage. But that bid came with a price tag, a forty-two billion dollar one to be exact, a small fraction of the country’s total Gross Domestic Product. While much else is up to opinion, the 2008 Summer Olympics are to this day the most expensive, outdoing the games in Aspen and London by over 30 billion (Fowler 1). This large sum wasn’t just distributed over the construction of a few stadiums, but a complete transformatio­n of the world’s most populous country’s capital, Beijing. The Jing Shun Lu for example, which is the primary road to and from the heart of the city, was completely redesigned. Everything…[show more]

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