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Summary2.286 Words / ~15 pages Grammatik Flexionsmorph­ologi­e Syntax grammatische Struktur von Wörtern grammatische Struktur von Sätzen und Phrasen hierarchische Ordnung: Sätze > Teilsätze (clauses) > Phrasen > Wörter > Flexionsmorph­eme Flexionsmorph­eme gebundene Morpheme, mit deren Hilfe grammatische Information direkt am Wortstamm kodiert wird sehr wenige im Englischen! Einschub: synthetische Sprachen analytische Sprachen Türkisch Finnisch Japanisch Deutsch Französisch Englisch Chinesisch agglutinieren­de Sprachen flektierende Sprachen flexionsarme Sprache isolierende Sprache 1-1-Beziehung zw. Form und Bedeutung bei gram. Morphemen/Mor­phen à jedes Morphem/Morph steht für eine einzige gram. Kategorie verschiedene grammatische Informationen in einer Form: z. B. Tempus, Numerus, Person ohne Flexion Englisch = analytische…[show more]
Summary1.779 Words / ~7 pages Introduction to English Linguistics -linguistics is the scientific discipline concerned with the study of language Different approaches/ce­ntral­ dichotomies: 1. Synchronic: describe the state of a language at a particular point or period in time (snapshot) 2. Diachronic: document linguistic change through time by comparing successive language states with on another 3. Descriptive: neutral description of the actual language use 4. Prescriptive: normative approach, formulate rules for “correc­t” language use 5. Form/language system: investigate formal aspects (structure/sy­stem)­ of a language on its different levels (sound, word, sentence, ) in abstraction from language use 6. Function/lang­uage use: investigate which functions linguistic structures fulfill and (dependent on the speaker…[show more]
Presentation1.201 Words / ~ pages The IT technology centers - Comparing Silicon Valley and Bangalore in India Presentation English: IT Information technology (IT) is concerned with technology to treat information. It defines an industry that uses computers and other equipment to store, process, retrieve, transmit, and protect information. IT professionals perform a variety of functions that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and managing data. Great technological advances have been made since the days when the term IT came into life in the 70s and computers were huge pieces of equipment getting their information from punch cards. The information technology industry has turned out to be a huge employer of people worldwide, as the focus shifts in many nations from manufacturing to service industries. It is a field…[show more]
Term paper6.473 Words / ~18 pages The depiction of the stranger in Sarah Orne Jewett - The Foreigner Inhalt 1 Introduction 3 2 Narrative Perspective 4 3 The depiction of the stranger Mrs. Tolland 4 3.1 Behavior and Attitude of Mrs. Tolland 8 3.2 Rejection: Dunnet Landing society 11 3.3 Approaches: Mrs. Blackett and Mrs. Todd 14 4 Conclusion 17 5 Bibliography 19 1 Introduction Warren Berthoff acknowledged “The Foreigner” as one of the mislaid treasures of American writing. The story remained unnoticed in the files of the Atlantic Monthly until David Bonnell Green found and rescued it from oblivion and included it in The World of Dunnet Landing: A Sarah Orne Jewett Collection (Piacentino 92). It tells the story of a stranger among folks in a foreign country. I refer to Georg Simmel’s “The Stranger” to interpret the concept strangeness. Simmel’s stranger is not the…[show more]
Term paper10.935 Words / ~35 pages we were on shaky grounds 235452_236723 but 236723_237123 ( ) Ê”uh: you know 237123_239471 they thought it might be able to work out . 239471_241146 *RICH: ( ) So when they come in 241146_242101 theyll be pretty shocked . 242101_243276 *FRED: (.) Yeah . 243276_243718 *RICH: And 243718_244026 and hurt . 244026_244680 *RICH: ( ) But uh 244680_245476 like I say 245476_245996 things (.) will work out f- for the best . 245996_247784 *FRED: What about her folks . 247784_248802 *FRED: ( ) Theyre not sorry at all 248802_250127 hu⌈h ⌉ . 250127_250387 *RICH: ⌊ N⌋o: uh 250258_250769 in fact Ive seen em 250769_251779 I +/. 251779_251983 *RICH: I w- I went to church with em 251983_253312 for the last three Sundays . 253312_254862 *FRED: Really ? 254862_255426 *RICH: ( ) ⌈ With Jeanie ⌉ . 255426_256685 *FRED: ⌊ Wow: ⌋ . 255945_256668­…[show more]
Exam thesis21.863 Words / ~44 pages Immigrant Identities in U.S. American Literature: Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and T.C. Boyle’s The Tortilla Curtain Table of Contents 1 Introduction 3 2 Multicultural America? The Concepts of Ethnicity and Identity in the American Context 4 2.1 Identity: Us vs. Them 4 2.2 Ethnicity and Race 6 2.3 Americanness 6 2.4 Otherness 10 2.5 Immigration and Immigrant Identities in Literary History 13 3 Stephen Crane’s Maggie: A Girl of the Streets 15 3.1 Maggie’s Otherness 16 3.2 Violence, Fear and Poverty as Fixed Components of Life 19 4 T. C. Boyle’s The Tortilla Curtain 23 4.1 Emphasis on Ethnicity as Otherness in T.C. Boyle 24 4.2 Violence and Fear, Borders and Boundaries, Territory and Intrusion 27 5 From ‘Melting Pot’ to Multicultural America? 30 5.1 Hypocrisy and False Morals 30 5.2 Prejudice and Racism 34 5.3 Deconstructio­n…[show more]

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