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Universität Esbjerg

Term paper864 Words / ~2 pages Creativity and the Behavior of Artists Introduction: The concept of creativity has been studied among philosophers, psychologists­, sociologists and mathematician­s. The revolution in communication­s technology has stimulated interest in creativity as a means to finding solutions to problems in computer science. In economics, however, creativity has been of little concern, beyond some attention to its role as a precursor to innovation, following Schumpeter. In the art creativity has always been central to discussions. Are there parallel processes where the economic and cultural worth of artistic goods and services are generated separately, or is the process of value creation one that could be understood only as a unitary phenomenon? Modeling the creative process in the arts: - Nevertheless, much ensembles has proceeded…[show more]
Term paper2.744 Words / ~6 pages Sportmanageme­nt Introduction Sport has been growing in importance in late years. It is being extracted as helpful to health and as a way to preserve good social relationships­. It is also of cumulative economic significance. Sport includes many business areas and services and is a rising area for businesses of all sizes. The Sports market is big in Europe. The segment is quite new and is usually observed as being an initial adopter of new ideas and innovations. The greatest important blockages and limiting influences for research, development and innovation in the EU sports market are: 1. Breakup of research (technology and human factors) and inadequacy of embattled research; 2. Limited research and innovative influence; 3. Absence of a long-term image for innovation; 4. Insufficient new business creation; 5. Also great…[show more]
Specialised paper3.286 Words / ~17 pages Studieretning­sopga­ve HH2D – Abercrombie & Fitch Peytz 02.02.2015 Rybners gymnasium HH2D Studieretning­sopga­ve – Afsætning og engelsk Valgt virksomhed: Abercrombie & Fitch Abstract This paper examines contents a statement of Abercrombie & Fitch’s market, their customers, the target group and their competitors. There are also a description of five American values and a clarify of the two most important values of Abercrombie & Fitch. After that, there is an analysis of how they place on the market. The analysis contents a look to how the company make their promotion to the world and which sales strategies they use. Finally the paper concludes that the international company uses the beautifully and perfect people working for them, and uses it as strategy to hit the right target group. They work hard and attract the young…[show more]
Essay993 Words / ~2 pages B-niveau 13/9-2016 Monster under the Bed This is a short story by Lezanne Clannachan. She runs a local writing group in West Sussex. The short story is from the anthology Feeding the Cat & other stories and poems. It was published in 2011.The short story takes place at a railway station in Waterloo. The whole story takes place on a bench in the railway station hall. “’This one yours?’ She asks as a train slides into the platform. He shakes his head, having memorized the timetable last night. Not many trains stop at Frenley.” (line 34-35) is a good example, where we actually get told, that the story takes place at the railway station. The railway station has a symbolic meaning in the text and it is playing a big part in the theme. The railway station is a place of transition in the text. It is a place where people are in regular motion and have an…[show more]
Essay1.165 Words / ~ pages [Skriv tekst] [Skriv tekst] [Skriv tekst] Ane-Mette I år 1887 udkom Henrik Pontoppidans (1857-1943) novellesamlin­g Fra Hytterne. Henrik Pontoppidan fik Nobelprisen i litteratur i 1917, på trods af han var af gammel præsteslægt og ønskede at blive ingeniør, men afbrød studiet for at blive forfatter. I samlingen er blandt andet novellen ”Ane-Mette”, som beskriver de fattiges levevilkår på landet i slutningen af 1800-tallet. Novellen er karakteristis­k for det moderne gennembrud, da den skildrer en realistisk opfattelse af de mennesker i perioden og de holdninger der præger den. Novellen omhandler Elsebeths liv som fattig og kampen mod sult og en mand med alkoholproble­mer. Elsebeth har ikke mulighed for at give hendes afdøde datter Ane-Mette, en flot begravelse da økonomien ikke strækker. Klasseforskel­len fremgår tydeligt,…[show more]

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