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Universität Wien
Term paper
TEACHING LITERATURE IN THE EFL CLASSROOM Table of contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Why teach literature 4 3. Choice of text 6 4. Work plan for four lessons 7 4. 1. Lesson 1 7 4. 2. Lesson 2 11 4. 3. Lesson 3 13 4. 4. Lesson 4 17 5. Conclusion 21 6. Bibliography 23 7. Appendix 24 7. 1. Lesson 1 Material 24 7. 2. Lesson
Final thesis
University of Vienna Institute for Political Science Final Essay Chandra Talpade Mohanty: Solidarity, Third World Women and the colonial discourse An in depth look at Mohanty’s critical assessment of the categorization of Homogenous entities and her conceptualization of feminist writings.
Term paper
Term Paper Phillis Wheatley The Case Scott v. Sanford (The Dred Scott Decision) Z. Holubov√° 1104418 Vienna, in July 2014 Course: PS Kultur und Kommunikation Englisch Teacher: Dr. Gretchen Simms Structure: Introduction Historical Background Phillis Wheatley Her Life Her Poetry Conclusion The
Term paper
Guatemala La situaci√≥n de los mayahablantes y el contacto de lenguas Seminar Sprachwisseschaft:­ Spanisch - Presente y pasado del castellano en Am√©rica LV-Leiter: Dr. P. Institut f√ľr Romanistik Wien Wien, WS 2011-2012 erstellt von M. E. 0731216/ 190 347 353 Contenido 2Introducci√≥n 3 3El
C. S. S. 1 Mr. Scharfen Ac English 10 December 14, 2015 Mizushima‚Äôs Heroic Journey In class this semester, we read the book ‚ÄúHarp of Burma‚ÄĚ. It is about Japanese Soldiers at the end of World War 2, held in a camp in Burma. One of them, Mizushima, is a Master in playing the harp. He always makes the others
COLOR MIXING THEORY ADDITIVE COLOR THEORY The three primary colors in lighting are red, green and blue. With these three colors you can mix to any other color you wish. When you mix all three of them you will get white. In the colorwheel you can see that our primary colors are the outer circles. As they move

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