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Term paper3.141 Words / ~13 pages Speech Act – Theory Term Paper - Linguistics, B-Seminar „Semantics“ 1. Introduction 3 2. Speech Acts – Essentials on the Topic 3 3. Austin’s Theory 4 3.1 Constatives and Performatives 5 3.2 Performative Sentences 5 3.3 Locutionary and Illocutionary Acts 7 3.4 Criticism of Austin’s Theory 7 4. Searle’s Theory 8 4.1 Classificatio­n of Speech Acts 8 4.2. Criticism of Searle’s Theory 11 5. Direct and Indirect Speech Acts 11 5.1 Everyday Indirect Speech Acts and their Effects 12 6. Conclusion 13 7. Bibliography 14 8. Disclaimer 15 1. Introduction In this term paper, I want to point out the basic issues of Speech Act Theory. After giving a general explanation of what Speech Act Theory is and trying to range it in the linguistic field of Semantics, I will give an overview about the theory of John Austin. Afterwards, I will present the theory…[show more]
Final thesis1.031 Words / ~ pages Campo semántico de los verbos 1. Introducción Este trabajo se ocupa del campo semántico de los verbos del acto del habla en español. El objetivo es analizar las estructuras y significados de diez palabras elegidas del Diccionario Salamanca de la lengua española que pertenecen a este campo semántico. El trabajo se organiza como sigue: Al principio, voy a explicar brevemente la idea de “campo semántico”. Después hay una matriz que contiene un ánalisis semántico de diez verbos. Finalmente saco conclusiones del ánalisis de los mismos en la matriz. 2. Definición Según Coseriu el campo semántico es un paradigma de unidades lexicales que estan relacionadas por sus significados.­1 Estas unidades lexicales se encuentran en la misma parte de la oración y tienen la misma zona de referencia. Por eso, las palabras pertenecen al mismo campo…[show more]
Term paper7.626 Words / ~20 pages Introduction As the title suggests, this paper will display the struggles and tensions that Mexican-Ameri­cans face within the Anglo-America­n society. First, the main Chicano/a history will be reflected and already give an insight into the differences in cultures and the resulting problems. In the next chapter, the Chicano and Chicana movements are depicted as a result of the years of suppression. Important to focus on are the differences in male and female basis and form of expression. As a minority, Chicanos already face various difficulties to adapt to a sceptic and distrustful society. But within this group, women are regared as biologically inferior to their suppressed and therefore face even more pressure. The creation of an identity that considers both the Mexican heritage with its traditional values but at the same…[show more]
Lesson preparation868 Words / ~1 page 10th Form Unit Theme: We and the Environment Topic: Trash: It lasts a Long Time! Level: pre-intermedi­ate; intermediate Objectives: - to develop students’ listening and speaking skills; -to activate the use of phrases expressing personal opinions, agreement and disagreement; -to introduce vocabulary on a certain topic ; - to practise working in pairs and small groups; - to widen students’ outlook; -to teach careful attitude to environment Materials: PowerPoint presentation; handouts; cards with new vocabulary; the song by Michael Jackson “Earthsong” Procedure: Warm-up/ Introduction The song by Michael Jackson “Earthsong” (I part): What about sunrise What about rain What about all the things That you said we were to gain. What about killing fields Is there a time What about all the things That you said was yours and mine.…[show more]
Lesson plan1.379 Words / ~8 pages 1. Unterrichtsbe­such Mathematik 27.03.2017 Zentrum für schulpraktisc­he Lehrerausbild­ung Fachseminarle­iter Grundschule Schulleiter: Ausbildungsbe­auftr­agte­: Mentorinnen: „Wir ordnen Fußballer nach der Größe“Thema der Unterrichtsre­ihe: Längen und MessenMathema­tik 3. Klasse Montag, der 27.03.2017 1. Sachanalyse In der Unterrichtsst­unde wird im Rahmen der Aufgabe über die Größen des Kinderfußball­team­s der Schwerpunkt auf das übergeordnete Ziel des Lehrplans (MSW NRW 2008, S.58) im Bereich Größen und Messen, den Umgangs mit Größen in Sachsituation­en, gelegt. Das Messen und der Aufbau von Größenvorstel­lun­gen bilden die zweite Kernkompetenz des Bereichs, werden jedoch an dieser Stelle nicht weiter ausgeführt. Größen können als „Äquivalenzkl­as­se von Repräsentante­n gleichen Maßes…[show more]
Essay1.720 Words / ~6 pages Love is blind – Brabantio is too Unable to see, sightless, unwilling to perceive or understand. These are some the definitions that come up, when you look up the word blind. Unable to see love, sightless by choice, unwilling to perceive or understand two people wanting to be together, forever. These are the definitions that would come up for Brabantio, the senator of Venice but more importantly Desdemona’s father. A father who jeopardizes his daughter’s emotional and physical well-being because of his racial prejudice against her husband. Shakespeare’s Othello is a versatile piece of work that shows what a man is capable to do in his blindness. May it be blinded by love, jealousy, hate, envy or hurt. Shakespeare portrays different male characters that struggle to see, metaphoricall­y. The very common saying ‘’love is blind’’…[show more]

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