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Universität zu Köln
Term paper
Speech Act – Theory Term Paper - Linguistics, B-Seminar Semantics 1. Introduction 3 2. Speech Acts – Essentials on the Topic 3 3. Austin’s Theory 4 3.1 Constatives and Performatives 5 3.2 Performative Sentences 5 3.3 Locutionary and Illocutionary Acts 7 3.4 Criticism of Austin’s Theory 7
Final thesis
1. IntroducciĂłn Este trabajo se ocupa del campo semántico de los verbos del acto del habla en español. El objetivo es analizar las estructuras y significados de diez palabras elegidas del Diccionario Salama­nca de la lengua española que pertenecen a este campo semántico. El
Term paper
Introduction As the title suggests, this paper will display the struggles and tensions that Mexican-Ameri­cans face within the Anglo-American society. First, the main Chicano/a history will be reflected and already give an insight into the differences in cultures and the resulting
Lesson preparation
10th Form Unit Theme: We and the Environment Topic: Trash: It lasts a Long Time! Level: pre-intermediate; intermediate Objectives: - to develop students’ listening and speaking skills; -to activate the use of phrases expressing personal opinions, agreement and disagreement; -to introduce
Lesson plan
1. Unterrichtsbesuch Mathematik 27.03.2017 Zentrum fĂĽr schulpraktische Lehrerausbildung Fachseminarleiter Grundschule Schulleiter: Ausbildungsbeauftr­agte: Mentorinnen: Wir ordnen FuĂźballer nach der Größe Thema der Unterrichtsreihe: Längen und MessenMathematik 3. Klasse

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