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Term paper1.237 Words / ~ pages The socialized child Briefly outline theories of socialization­. What limitations do they have for understanding children and childhood? According to Clarke (2004, p. 77) today’s definition of socialization “is the learning of the norms, values and accepted behaviours of the particular society in which a person lives”. However, in former times theorists developed different socialization theories and had very different approaches to the socialization of children. I decided to centre on two theories and the limitations they have for children and childhood. First I will exemplify the approach of Structural functionalism by Talcott Parsons who was one of the most significant writers of this movement (Clarke, 2004, p. 78). The second theory, a critique to this approach, is Conflict theory which was coined…[show more]
Abstract1.107 Words / ~3 pages Werkimanenter­/äst­hetis­cher Ansatz: Magdalena, die Sünderin, ist die Protagonistin in diesem Roman. Sie ist eine äußerst selbstbewusst­e Frau, die gegen das Unglück und die Natur der Männer ankämpft. Dabei ist ihr jedes Mittel recht. Magdalena ist eine schöne Frau und entspricht nicht der Norm. Sie ist anders als andere, sie traut sich alles zu und das macht sie für die Männerwelt äußerst attraktiv. Sie weiß ihre weiblichen reize einzusetzen und sie ist sehr intelligent. Man sollte sie keinesfalls als kaltblütige Mörderin abstempeln, das wäre viel zu einfach. Man braucht den Hintergrund der Geschichte und dieser wiegt schwer, jedoch trotzdem keine Entschuldigun­g. Die Frau mit dem rotblonden, langen Haar, ein Gesicht, das man nie vergisst. Magdalena vollzieht eine Abrechnung mit den Männern. Sie tötet die, die ihr…[show more]
Homework649 Words / ~ pages Family Patterns: Differences between ethnic groups Ethnic difference in family patterns · Due to the mass immigration into Britain in the past 60 years, the diversity of our society has increased greatly due to the different ethnicities. · 7.9% of the population are belonging to an ethnic minority, main groups being Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi (3.6%) Black Caribbean (1%) Black African (0.8%) and Chinese (0.4%). · Greater ethnic diversity has contributed to the changing family patterns in the UK. Black Families · Black Caribbean and Black African people have a higher proportion of lone-parent households. · The high right of female-headed­, lone-parent black families has sometimes been seen as evidence of family disorganisati­on that can be traced back to slavery and more recently rates of black male unemployment. · Under…[show more]
Bachelor thesis1.954 Words / ~6 pages Postcolonial Interpretatio­n of Bram Stoker’ Dracula Assignment Coversheet Department of English Literature Student ID Number: Year of Study: First Year (2016) Module Title: Prose Name of Module Tutor: Degree Programme: BA English Literature Title/Descrip­tion of the work submitted: “Postcolonial Interpretatio­n of Bram Stoker’ Dracula” Word Count: 1500 Date of Submission: 17th November 2016 Important Declaration (please read this carefully before submitting your work): 1. In submitting this essay, you are declaring that it complies with the School of EDACS specification­s for the formatting of assessed work. 2. In submitting this essay, you are declaring that it is your own work and that it complies with the University of Birmingham rules on plagiarism; no part of it is copied from the published or unpublished work…[show more]
Interpretation437 Words / ~ pages Untersuchen Sie die Rolle von Hanna in dem Roman. Hanna Schmitz ist die weibliche Hauptfigur in dem Roman „Der Vorleser“ von Bernhard Schlink. Ihr Geschichte wird durch Michaels Perspektive im Roman porträtiert. Weil Hanna ein sehr komplex Charakter ist, werde ich nur ein paar schlüssele Bereiche fokussieren. Deshalb in diesem Aufsatz werde ich Hanna im ersten Teil des Romans, Hannas Beziehung zu Michael, Hannas Analphabetism­us und Hannas dunkle Vergangenheit erforschen. Im ersten Teil des Romans schildert Schlink Hanna als fürsorgend und nett, zum Beispiel wenn Michael auf der Straße krank ist, kümmert sich Hanna um ihn, obwohl er ein Fremder ist. Hanna ist ein Mutterfigur hier. In diesem Teil scheint Hanna Michael glücklich zu machen, deshalb Schlink zeigt, dass Michael beruht auf Hanna in diesem Teil von Der Vorleser.…[show more]
Exam preparation2.635 Words / ~27 pages iGCSE Geography Decision Making Exercise Tropical Rainforests INFORMATION-P­aper 3 o One hour 30 mins for whole paper. o 45 mins each section: Map Skills and DTM. o Maximum mark available overall is 70. o Grade Boundaries: A*54 A 50 B 46 C 42 D 38 E 34 o On TROPICAL RAINFORESTS: 1) Distribution and characteristi­cs of tropical rainforests 2) The importance of tropical rainforests 3) The reasons for deforestation in many areas of tropical rainforests 4) Impacts and Issues relating to exploitation of tropical rainforests 5) Different Strategies for the sustainable management of tropical rainforests KEY TERMS ECOSYSTEM – The Living and non-living parts of an environment and the interrelation­ship that exists between them BIOME - Global scale ecosystems ADAPTATIONS – The ways that plants evolve to cope with environmental conditions,…[show more]
Exam preparation1.569 Words / ~3 pages TOK 11 TOK Essay We know with confidence only when we know little, with knowledge doubt increases. Us humans rely on our ways of knowledge and ways of thinking to help us get through daily life and to do the simplest things. We all have distinctive qualities which define us but what we all have in common is the capability to use our knowledge to the best of our abilities. Knowledge and confidence are two of our most important qualities which one can poses. These two qualities complement each other. The reason for that is because knowledge is the product. It is what is formed inside of our brains and expressed through our voice. Confidence comes from our method of delivery. Once you know something, you’d want to deliver it, therefore resulting in confidence coming out through your voice. I have had personal experiences regarding this topic.…[show more]

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