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University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Section general memory – notes http://www.bc.­edu/publications/new collective memory and fiction. In Germany, history is politics” Peter Pulzer (9) Collective memory of a nation is shaped by a number of forces. Collective memory is an important part of all imagined communities,
Norbert Frei: ‘Coping with the Burdens of the past: German politics and society in the 1950s’ in Dominik Geppert (ed) The Postwar Challenge: Cultural, Social and Political Change in Western Europe, 1945-58 (2003) Instead of footnotes for essay, refers reader to study Vergangenheitspoli­tik:
Pippa Wentzel Paper 18: Europe since 1890 Dr. Grunwald Topic 1: The social and cultural impact of the First World War ‘War is the locomotive of history.’ (TROTSKY) Was this judgement borne out by the impact of the Great War on European culture and society? The Fir­st World War is widely
Die Flucht film Bibliography: - Die Flucht, dir. Kai Wessel, 2007, [check how to do] http://www.imd­b.com/title/tt078051 german wikipedia Direct­or: - Kai Wessel teamworx ­Starring: - Maria Furtwängler as Lena Gräfin von Mahlenberg Note that Maria is the stepgranddaughter
‘This House believes the First World War has been unnecessarily glorified’ - notes from the CU society debate Debate ­description: The legacy of the First World War has played a huge part in Britain’s national life and identity for almost one hundred years especially through

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