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Notes3.195 Words / ~8 pages Comment on the centrality awarded to friendship in Nicomachean Ethics. How is it different from the modern mind. Discuss. The Nicomachen Ethics is the best known work of AristotleR­17;s Ethics. The book defines the Aristotelian ethics and consists of ten books which is based on his lectures at the Lyceum and edited by his son Nicomachus. In book VIII and IX of the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle describes about the different types of friendship, love of friendship and the importance of friendship. The term ,,Friendship” which Aristotle named in Greek is Philia which means a brotherly love. The basic sentiments of Philia are goodwill, concord and beneficial. Concord is about the citizen that means it exists among the citizens and it is the absence of conflict. Concord is also a form of friendly feeling relationship that exists…[show more]
Essay488 Words / ~ pages Pay day loan In these tough economic times, a lot of people are in need of some extra cash to bridge up the gap until the next pay day. It becomes difficult to cover all financial bills with only a pay check that comes at the end of the month. Online loans have various advantages and the main one is that the applicants are free to search for providers as many as they can get and become able to apply for the most competitive options while still at their homes. These online applicants are first, convenient, and easy, where within a short period of time the funds are deposited into their bank accounts following the fact that their application was accepted. However, some high street banks takes time before accepting the applications, whereas, issuing short –term loans have a simple process of acceptance. The steps that are followed to…[show more]
Homework1.307 Words / ~6 pages There are four different parameters which determine the specific procedure that a prospect FDI inflow follows upon entering India. These parameters are the Industry/ Sector that the FDI intends to be invested in; the FDI Equity Cap, which is the percentage of foreign equity in the investment; the Entry Route that the investment is required to follow; and the need or not for Industrial License for the investment Examination of Indian policy in FDI in R&D – there is a consistency between the technological sectors that India’s general S&T policy lists as priorities and the industrial sectors promoted by its FDI policy. On the one hand, almost all industries that enhance human welfare enjoy FDI under the Automatic Route, allow for 100% Equity and include fiscal incentives. In India, where more than three hundred million people live…[show more]
Interpretation3.691 Words / ~10 pages ANALYSIS WITH INTERPRETATIO­N Homer-The Iliad Iliad is a narrative poem and is a story of action. It is a wonderful Synthesis of the cherished values of Greeks Gods and Goddesses in Iliad. But the supernatural holo is always in the background. Human destiny always looms large. In spite of his helplessness man occupies the centre of the stage. The Iliad is a glowing picture of the heroic age. It is still based on facts. The Iliad has a distant unity of its own. Homer has brought into sharp focus only one action. The sulking of Achilles in his tent. It is because of Achilles dissociation from the war that the Greeks despite divine assistance, suffered indescribable reverses and Hector proceeds almost unimpeded. But after the death of Patroclus at the hands of Hector, Achilles is seized with an insatiable spirit of revenge. He kills Hector…[show more]
Final thesis1.497 Words / ~8 pages Product Life Cycle and Micheal Portals 5 forces of Kellogg Company Inhaltsverzei­chnis Introduction The product life cycle of Nutri-Grain Porter’s five forces of competitivene­ss Declination stage The Strategy Conclusion Reference page Introduction Kellogg Company is the world’s leading producer of breakfast cereals and convenience foods. The total worldwide sales of Kellogg had achieved $11 billion (£5.5 billion) in the year of 2006. Kellogg becomes the biggest selling grocery brand in England in the year of 2006, with the sales of more than £550 million. Its product of Rice Krispies, Special K and Nutri-Grain, whilst some of its brand characters, like Snap, Crackle and Pop, are the most famous products in the worldwide. Notable, in order to stay competitivene­ss around the world, corporate social responsibilit­y become…[show more]
Essay1.990 Words / ~10 pages he Impact of Robust Configuration­s on Networking Abstract The refinement of congestion control has studied von Neumann machines, and current trends suggest that the development of rasterization will soon emerge. In fact, few computational biologists would disagree with the visualization of SMPs, which embodies the typical principles of operating systems. We introduce an analysis of hash tables, which we call Taille. Table of Contents 1) Introduction2­) Related Work3) Architecture4­) Implementatio­n5) Evaluation and Performance Results 5.1) Hardware and Software Configuration 5.2) Experimental Results 6) Conclusion 1 Introduction The mobile DoS-ed operating systems approach to sensor networks is defined not only by the synthesis of agents, but also by the robust need for the Ethernet. An appropriate problem in…[show more]
Interpretation1.455 Words / ~ pages The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde 1. Summary- The Story begins with an American Family of a Minister Mr. Otis moving in Canterville Chase, a house owned by Lord Canterville and is haunted for centuries by the ghost of their ancestor Sir Simon de Canterville. Despite knowing that the house is haunted the family of 6 decides to live there as they don’t believe in any such thing. Though within couple of days they know that the ghost is for real, but do not get scared. In fact the ghost is scared away by the family on different occasions. The twins play tricks on him which humiliate him. Virginia however sees the loneliness of the ghost and talks to him and sympathizes with him. She gets to know the story of his past and that he killed his wife. But she forgives him for his sin and decides to relieve him of his pain. As a result of her kind decision…[show more]
Essay1.178 Words / ~3 pages Q. In Waiting for Godot Beckett indistinguish­ably combines form and content to communicate a tragic-comic vision of human existence. Discuss. ‘Waiting for Godot’, written in 1952 by Samuel Beckett and first performed in 1953, is an absurd tragic comedy about two tramps, Estragon and Vladimir, who keep waiting endlessly for Godot. The tramps are made aliens in the play- the audience cannot identify with their characters, but with their situation. Although very existentialis­t in its characterisat­ion, it is a play about hope, redemption, the absurd situation of life and simply as a parallel to the human tendency of waiting for various things to happen. The play also defies many of the set theatrical conventions. There is no idea of individuality or uniqueness in the play. The main sense in the play is that the more things change,…[show more]

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