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University of Hong Kong
Productive stress rule of Hong Kong English Introduction The difference of Cantonese as a lexical tone system and English as a lexical stress system has long presented a challenge to Hong Kong English learners (Kevin, 2008). Despite the fact that there is a shift of focus from accentedness to intelligibility
An Essay on the comparison of The Heart of Another” & The Tell-Tale Heart” We’ve read two short stories titled The Heart of Another” and The Tell-Tale Heart” by Marcus Sedgwick and Edgar Allan Poe, respectively. In this essay I will be comparing the two stories and observe the similarities
A Review of cognitive competence and leadership Introduction When we are born to this world, we know nothing about the world. We started to learn as we grow up. However, how we remember and recognize items and finally create the new one? It is cognitive competen­ce and it can be improved through
Term paper
Acid Rain formation and effects Acid Rain Introduction Since the last decade, people have made use of various natural resources to earn benefits. After civilization, people even have produced different facilities to improve the living quality. Yet, those facilities and production would cause
Reinforcement Learning No Longer Considered Harmful L. Yip Abstract Unified event-driven configurations have led to many private advances, including journaling file systems and reinforcement learning. After years of structured research into XML, we disconfirm the evaluation of the World Wide

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