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Miscellaneous 4.279 Words / ~7 pages Tristan and Iseut (Béroul) Characters Tristan- nephew of King Mark Yseut- queen of King Mark King Mark- uncle of Tristan Frocin- wicked dwarf Brangin- Yseut’s maid Governal- Tristan’­;s squire 3 barons- know about the love between Tristan and Yseut Dins- the lord of Dinan. Loves Tristan greatly Ivain- leper in Lantyan, terribly infirm Husdant- Tristan’­;s dog 2. The Tryst Under the Tree (p.47-59) · Group of barons have led the King to believe that his wife Yseut and nephew Tristan are in love. Mark refuses to let Tristan remain at court · Tristan often used to sneak into the castle to see Yseut but dwarf Frocin found out and told the King. One night Mark climbs into the braches of a tree near the spring to eavesdrop on their conversation but without him knowing, Yseut and Tristan see his shadow and thus plan their conversation…[show more]
Interpretation4.520 Words / ~10 pages Cinnamon Rolls a short story by Louisa Bello The moon had an odd paleness about it tonight. The Parks police were long gone now, at home with their wives and steaming mugs of tea. Tonight, he barely felt the cold. The moon, a punctuated sphere hung there, above him, alone, aghast, in the blackened, starless sky. When would she come? As he sat on the park bench and focused on the moon, it seemed to melt into the horrified, painted face of his Mother. He tried to shake her away. Those heavily kohl’ed eyes scooped from her pale foundation, dark with hatred, or, what was it? He still couldn’t place it. He racked his memory for clarity. It seemed so important now. Her dressing table had always been covered in products to style and tease and such; in aid of the creation of her Friday evening look. She used to sit in her robe, on those evenings, getting…[show more]
Handout1.347 Words / ~ pages CASE STUDIES Geography A2 Water conflicts! Starting from the beginning! Middle East – Problems occur because it holds 5% of the world’s population, but only has 1% of the freshwater. There is population growth and are dependent on high yield crops. Pollution of water resources caused by over extraction e.g. Gaza aquifer and sewage being dumped TURKEY - Turkeys GAP scheme, intends to be the bread basket of the middle east, increasing cash crops and through socioeconomic development - It aims to make 22 dams and 19 HEP plants which will produce 22% of turkeys energy in 2010, and will dam the EUPHRATES and TIGRIS river - However CONCERNS are that Syria and Iraq are unhappy as these rivers provide them with most of their water (GEOPOLITICS) - Ilisu Dam on the Tigris wasn’t initially going to get funding because of the impacts such as flooding…[show more]
Essay8.159 Words / ~22 pages Theorists have proposed a need for educators to adopt a balanced approach to literacy teaching which has lead to the implementatio­n of critical-cogn­itive psychology within this literature review. The acceptance that background knowledge has a significant impact on reading comprehension for English Language Learners, including Indigenous students, is vital. Therefore, it is important for teachers to adopt culturally appropriate strategies and resources to engage and motivate Indigenous students within their learning. This literature review has outlined such strategies and resources to assist educators to enhance outcomes for these students. Reference List Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. (1995). Social Justice for Indigenous Australians. Canberra, Australia: Author. Andersson, B., Barnitz,…[show more]
Essay4.281 Words / ~10 pages FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE The only substantial difference between poetry and other uses of language is the fact that the rhythms of poetry are organized into lines. provides the framework for a range of other devices of sound and syntax that together constitute a creative form which is specific to poetry. some theories of poetry in some historial contexts relegate poetic form as something merely superadded to poetry, and argue instead that poetry can be characterized as a special use of figurative language . for coleridge, poetry employs a special kind of figure, the poetic symbol. shelley claims, that the two main organizing principles of poetry are metre and metaphor. they argue that poetry is distinguished from scientific discourse by being a kind of thinking by means of metaphors. we need to ask whether or not poetry does use figurative…[show more]
Exam thesis7.312 Words / ~28 pages Molinari, L. K., Abratt, R., & Dion, P. (2008). Satisfaction, quality and value and effects on repurchase and positive word-ofmouth behavioral intentions in a B2B services context. . Journal of Services Marketing , 363-373. Mulvaney, S. (2000). , Freshman Reasons for Choosing CSUBL – Freshman Survey. Retrieved July 16, 2013, from Ngai, E. W., Heung, V. C., Wong, Y. H., & Chan, F. K. (2007). Consumer complaint behaviour of Asians and non-Asians about hotel services. European Journal of Marketing , 1375-1391. OECD. (2004). Quality and Recognition in Higher Education. Paris: OECD. Oliver, R. (1976). Hedonic reactions to the disconfirmati­on of product performance expectations: some moderating conditions. Journal of Applied Psychology , 246-50. OPrey, P. (2012). Patterns and Trends in Uk Higher Education. Universities…[show more]
Essay1.459 Words / ~ pages Coral reefs Coral reefs are a unique marine ecosystem. They are built up entirely of living organisms. Reefs are huge deposits of calcium carbonate made up mainly of corals. It is mainly controlled by four factors: ● temperature – coral growth needs a minimum water temperature of 18°C. They grow best between 23°C and 25°C ● light – is needed for the coral to grow; because of this need, corals grow only in shallow water ● water depth – because of the need for light, most reefs grow where the sea is less than 25 metres deep ● salinity – since corals are marine creatures, they can only survive in salt water. At a local level, there are other factors affecting where coral reefs develop: ● wave action – corals need well oxygenated salt water; this occurs in areas of strong wave action Coral reefs are often called the rainforests of the sea, both due…[show more]
Lab Report961 Words / ~ pages Springs theory: how does mass affect the elasticity of a springMYP criterion C exemplar Instruction sheet: BACKGROUND Theory suggests that for a mass (m) suspended on a spring (spring constant k), the period of oscillation (T) is given by the following formula T = 2π√(m/k) WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? By changing the mass suspended on the spring and measuring the period, you are going to plot a suitable graph to demonstrate whether the relationship above is correct and calculate the spring constant (k) of the spring. This value can then be compared with the actual value for the spring which is known to be 23.5N/m. Use a range of masses from 100g to 600g. For each mass take the time for 10 oscillations and divide by ten to get a value for the period. Repeat this measurement three times for each mass. Independent variable: Mass Dependent variable:…[show more]
Essay2.394 Words / ~4 pages How did Hitler gain and consolidate power in Nazi Germany On September 1st 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland, this was the first invasion in world war two and was the catalysis for the Allied nations to begin their defence of Europe leading to a six-year war that ended in their favour. However, we can look at Germany as a country that was under such heavy Nazi influence they had no choice but to go along with Adolf Hitler’s plans of war, prejudice and horror due to Hitler’s profound ability in propaganda and public talks they were eased into a sense of righteousness­, superiority and devotion to Hitler and his party. After World War One, the treaty of Versailles called for Germany to pay reparations to the allied nations, leaving Germany in a state of hyperinflatio­n from mid-1922 to late 1923 with prices increasing as much as 700% causing…[show more]

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