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University of Tasmania Hobart
Capitalism, Sustainability and Tourism To describe the concepts of capitalism, sustainability and the interconnections between them many questions to answer arise. First of all it is important what capitalism is and how it works. How does the concept of capitalism work and what are the important
Ecotourism and sustainability The discussion about ecotourism is related to the discussion about sustainability. Cater 2001 asserts that ecotourism is a ‚form of sustainable tourism‛ (Cater 2001, p. 4165). Ecotourism as defined by the IUCN Ecotourism Programme is ‚environment­ally
Carrying capacity and management strategies The concept of carrying capacity is related to the early days of environmental thinking. Manning (2007, p. 31) says that carrying capacity is ‛the point at which impacts of visitor use violate standards for relevant indicators’.­ It
Final thesis
Building a trail at Cashions Creek in Florentine Valley 1. Introduction This consultancy report focuses on main issues concerning the building of a nature trail at Cashions Creek in the Florentine Valley. The location is situated in a sensitive karst area and shelters plenty of karst landforms such
The concept of sustainability and its meaning for the development of social, ecological and economical systems This essay highlights the concepts of sustainability, community, governance, citizenship and scale. To achieve sustainable development a holistic approach including all these areas
Final thesis
Barriers to achieving energy efficiency The purpose of this statement is to identify the importance of energy efficient homes with regard to a sustainable future. In order to address current main challenges such as climate change, energy efficiency is a very important issue. There are several barriers
Excursion report
Executive Summary This report is addressed to the managers of Zoodoo and Bonorong Wildlife Park. Indicators were developed in order to measure the current sustainability for the businesses. In the first part of the report these indicators are used to determine the status quo. Current gaps and possible
Landform Morphology at Mt Wellington Mt Wellington is part of the central-eastern high plateaus. These plateaus are characterised by a cap of dolerite. Under this cap of dolerite ‚Triassic sandstones and Permian mudstones‛ can be found (Colhoun 2002, p. 55). As many other landforms
Geoheritage – Sandstone landforms at Sphinx Rock Sphinx Rock at Mt. Wellington in Hobart provides a fascinating diversity of typical weathering forms in sandstone. According to Spry (1983) an important part of most sandstone is quartz. The material between the different sandstone layers
Tourism Geography Tourism has been linked as a vital part of the economic wellbeing for many countries including that of Australia. Tourism is effective in bringing money into local economies providing employment, increased spending, economic diversification, improvements in infrastructure
In what ways might you experience diversity in a classroom? What strategies might you use to help provide equal learning outcomes for all? Diversity can exist in various levels within a classroom, creating the need for teachers to plan for and implement strategies that will provide and equal platform
Chemistry: Production of Materials 1. Fossil fuels provide both energy and raw materials such as ethylene, for the production of other substances. 1.1 – Construct word and balanced formulae equations of all chemical reactions as they are encountered in this module: BASIC reactions to remember:

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