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Summary: The perks of being a wallflower - Kleines Portfolio: Zusammenfassung, Monolog und Kurzinterpretation des Films
THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER Short Plot Summary The movie is about a fifteen year old, who just entered highschool. He doesn’t have any friends and the only one he had committed suicide. It isn’t the first time he lost a loved one. His aunt, Helen died eight years ago on Christma Eve in a car crash. Charlie is quiet, obeservant and doesn’t draw a lot of attention. He likes literature, so he writes series of letters to an imaginary friend. But evetually, he finds friends named Sam and Patrick. Later on, he discovers feelings for Sam. From this moment on, the life of Charlie goes up and down. A monolog about a character Charlie: Charlie now 16, has found a new friend named Mara. He’s just saw her trying to commit suicide. To calm her down, he talks about his depression. I know what you’ve been through! Not too long ago, I was depressed too. It was ot a pleasant experience and I’m not glad either that I went through it. Everytime I got anxious, I began having flashbacks. My aunt also assulted me, which made me repress memories. Sometimes my depression could get so bad, that I had to take pills. But to cope with the situation, I wrote an imaginary friend a series of letters. Since I was really passio..

Гом­о Фаб­ер - Фра­нц Каф­ка
Го ­84;о Фа ­73;ер - Фр ­72;нц Ка ­92;ка « » 1957 – . , , , . , , . . . . , . , , , – . . . – . , . , , . 50 , . . – . , –

Осн­овl­5;ые пол­ожk­7;ни ­03; и пон­ятl­0;я реч­евl­6;го эти­кеm­0;а в Инт­ерl­5;ет ­77;
-­ «» . .. () « » : . 8702 .. .. - 2018 3 1. 4 2. 5 3. 11 3.1. 11 3.2. 11 3.3. 12 13 14 . 15 -­ , , . , , 90% . , . ( , ) , , , . , . , ­ ,

Space exploration: Escape from reality or a way to save humanity
ZPL in English by Space exploration: Escape from reality or a way to save humanity “Terraforming Mars official game cover by FryxGames” 1 Teacher: Mrs Agnes Mayer To 7th December 2018 Introduction A few years ago, it seemed that humanity had finally lost interest in outer space. iPhone instead of a rocket, flappy-bird instead of a colony on Mars. Over time, the situation has changed dramatically, at least, there is hope for this change. The revival of interest in the masses Undoubtedly the main event of the past years was the release of the Interstellar and The Martian films. At some point, the most popular review genre was the explanation of the physics of these films. No one could leave reviews aside - from professional astronomers, including Kip Thorn, one of the filmmakers, to semi-literate users armed with knowledge, scraps of it learned from mainstream sci-fi books. Such a surge of interest in astronomy and the space industry has not been, perhaps, since the publication of the first images of the Hubble telescope.The reaction of the public was even more relevant than the fact that the films are imbued with the romance of science. Marketers have tricked millions of people around the world into watching movies, the main characters of which are engineers and scientists, and the main idea is the cosmos as the only potential salvation of mankind. Let the critics who did not understand the intricacies of the Weyl and Einstein

Baye’s theory helps me to decide
Baye’s theory helps me to decide What is reflected in the journal is called the Bayesian decision theory which is devised to explain how people stand for beliefs or decide their reactions in facing of uncertainty (Bernado & Smith, 1994). Recently, this theory whose fundamental idea is to make inferences and take actions next provides an integrative means to explain how the brain manages with uncertainty (Wolpert, 2011). To be more specific, Wolpert (2011) illustrates that there are two sources of information can be taken into to make an inference. One is the data, the sensory input in neuroscience, the other one is the effectively prior knowledge that is accumulated throughout people’s life in memories. While the Bayesian decision theory reveals a mathematical way that combines the prior knowledge with sensory evidence to generate new beliefs. As an experiment organized by Wolpert validates, people make inferences, conduct predictions then generate actions that confirms the Baye’s rule that is, given beliefs, the action should in some sense be optimal. In addition, the Bayesian decision theory could also be examined in daily life. Taking a real-life example of my own to explain. When I play soccer in secondary school, I usually take on the goalkeeper when it is often the case that I need to save the free kick. As the opposing player kicks the ball that heads towards the middle of the net in my sight, I would not try

Introduction to textile coloration & Finishing - Questions and answers
Q1)What are the general purposes of textile coloration? Color is one of the most significant factors in the appeal and marketability of textile products. Textile coloration is used to enhance the aesthetics and beautification. Q2)Briefly describe how to complete an exhaust dyeing process? Exhaust dyeing is a kind of batchwise dyeing. It dyes in rope form by using Overflow/Jet Dyeing Machine or dyes in open width form by using beam dyeing machine. First, choose a dyeing machine based on the fabric dyeing form. We should remember the fabric wight before dyeing which is going to be dyed and then calculate dyestuff weight on weight of fabric weight in percentage. Also, we have to calculate the water amount based both the fabric and machine to get the liquor ratio. In dyeing process, salt, soda ash and dyestuff are needed. Putting leveling agent or not is optional. Those chemicals help us to dye to color into the fabric and fix the color. We have to calculate the chemicals we used. After finished all the calculation, we can put fabric and all chemicals into the dye bath to start the dyeing. During the dyeing process, we should control the pH of dyeing solution. And keep temperature about 60 degree and the dyeing time around 60 to 120 minutes to make sure the fabric can dye evenly. Q3)Explain the meanings of the following terms: affinity, dye substantivity, compatibility of dye, dyeing exhaustion, liquor ratio, pick-up ratio,

Report on Grameenphone ltd. - Strategy management of Grameenphone
Contents Executive Summary: 3 1.Introduction: 4 1.1History of the company: 4 1.2 Present position of Grameenphone: 5 1.3Competitor’s analysis: 6 1.4 Vision: 6 1.5 Mission: 6 2.External Environmental Analysis of GrameenPhone: 6 2.1 The macro-environment: 7 Economic Segments: 7 Political: 8 Socio-cultural segment: 9 Demographic Segment: 9 2.2 Porter’s five forces analysis: 9 2.3 Competitor’s analysis: 11 2.4 Summary of external environments: 12 3.Internal Environment analysis of Grameenphone : 12 3.1 Resources: 13 A) Tangible resources: 13 B) Intangible resources: 13 3.2 Core Competencies: 13 3.3 SWOT analysis: 14 3.4 Summary of the Internal Environment: 16 4.Corporate strategies: 16 4.1 Implementation strategy: 17 4.2 Corporate social responsibility of Grameenphone: 18 5.Recommendations & Future Challenges: 20 6.Conclusion: 21 Report on Grameenphone ltd. Executive Summary: Grameenphone is one of the big multinational telecommunication companies in Bangladesh. They take place the market leadership in the Bangladesh. With more than 58 million subscribers and 54% subscriber market share they have. This report I try to discuss some major important elements of Grameenphone. It also contains the company profile, history of the company, mission and vision of the Grameenphone. In this report I analyses and discuss the internal, external environment of the Grameenphone Company. I try to show

«О пон­ятl­0;и сме­шеl­5;ия язы­коk­4;» (по ста­тьk­7; Л.В. Щер­бы)
« » : « » : « » ( .. ) 0-16-5 : , 2017 ..........­................. 3 1. « » ... 3 2. , ..........­............ 4 3. ........... 5 4. ............­...... 6 5. ........ 6 6. ............­................ 7 7. . . .......­.................. 8 8. ........­.................. 9 ........­....... 10 . , , .

Wahlplakat Analyse der Kommunistische Partei Deutschland (KPD)
Ana Gabriela Vázquez Esponda VIB Wahlplakat ­Analyse (M4) Das Plakat wurde von der Kommunistische Partei Deutschland (KPD) im Jahr 1932 veröffentlicht. Dieses Wahlplakat stammt aus dem Wahlkampf zur Reichstagswahl am 31. Juli 1932. Auf dieses Plakat wird die Unzufriedenhei­t mit dem neuen System der Demokratie thematisiert. A­uf dieses Plakat kann man als Hauptfigur einer überdimensionale größe Mann, die ganz Rot gefärbt ist, erkennen. Er trägt eine Schiebermütz­e, eine offene Jacke, Hose mit Gürtel und ein Hemd. Er kuckt nach unten und sein Gesichtsausdruck ist wütend. Außerdem, er hebt sein Faust nach oben, so als er etwas zerstören wollte. Unten liegt einer roter, großer, runder Tisch und da sitzen mehrere gut gekleidete Männer. Die Stühlen sind alle dunkelrot und es sieht so aus als die eine Versammlung haben. Einige von den Personen, die dort sitzen, haben spezifischen Merkmalen. Alle trägen schwarzen Klamotte­n und viele trägen ein eleganter Hut, der sogenannte „Zyli­nder¨-Hut. Aber es gibt auch eine an die linke Seite, die ein Pickelhelm trägt; zwei an die Mitte, die ein „Militärisches-­Hut¨ tragen und eine an die Mitte-links die kein Hut trägt. Dieser Person ist der einzige ohne Hut, aber durch seinen Schnurrbart und sein Aussehen erkennt man, dass er Hitler ist. Der Hintergrund ist Hellbraun,

Kuandika insha na vile kutumia lugha sanifu katika insha
DP1-KISWAHILI BW. NYAGAH DP 1 MITIHANI SWAHILI B – HIGHER/STANDARD LEVEL MUDA: MASAA 2 INSHA Kamilisha kazi hii kwa maneno kati ya 250 na 400. SWALI: Wewe kama mwanafunzi katika shule yako umeshangazwa na namna wanafunzi wenzako wanavyolalamika kila wakati kuhusu hali ya chakula, maji, takataka na wale ndege aina ya kunguru. Mwalimu Mkuu amekuuliza uwahutubie wanafunzi hawa kuhusu maswala haya na hasa namna ya kuyasuluhisha. Andika hotuba hiyo. Wageni waalikwa, wazazi, Mwalimu Mkuu, walimu na wanafunzi wenzangu; hamjambo?Jina langu ni Ali-Mohamed . Mimi ni mwanafunzi wa daraja la Diploma ya mwaka wa kwanza, katika shule ya Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa. Ni mmojawapo wa viongozi wa wanafunzi humu shuleni. Ningependa kutoa shukrani zangu za dhati kwa fursa hii niliopewa kusimama mbele yenu ili kuwanzungumzia kuhusu hali ya chakula, maji, takataka, bila kusahau hawa ndege wasumbufu wanaoitwa kunguru. Pia, nawashukuru waandalizi wa mkutano huu unaotuleta pamoja ili kutatua maswala haya yanayotukumba. Hii inaonyesha imani mliyo nayo kwetu sisi kama wanafunzi kuweza kuchangia katika suluhisho la shida zetu. Mimi nikiwakilisha wanafunzi katika shule hii, nimepokea malalamishi kadha wa kadha kuhusu hali ya chakula, maji, takataka na kunguru. Maswala haya ni muhimu sana katika afya yetu. Kwanza kabisa, ningependa kuzungumzia swala la uharibifu wa chakula shuleni. Ningependa kutambua kwamba shule yetu

“Hay que salvar la mentira cueste lo que cueste” Los árboles mueren de pie ensayo
“Hay que salvar la mentira cueste lo que cueste” Los árboles mueren de pie de Alejandro Casona es una obra reconocida a nivel mundial. Casona en su libro nos permite plantearnos las siguientes interrogantes: ¿Puede una mentira hacer que una persona se mantenga de pie? Sí, “que no me vean caída. Muerta por dentro, pero de pie.” (Casona, 1984, pág.) ¿Se puede lograr la felicidad a través de una mentira? Sí, “les debo los días mejores de mi vida.” (Casona, 1984, pág.) ¿Puede alguien abandonar la mentira que le brinda felicidad? Sí, “¡ni un momento más! No ves que se me acaban las fuerzas, que me están temblando las rodillas. ¡y que no quiero caer delante de ti! ¡Fuera!” (Casona, 1984, pág.). Durante la lectura de esta obra, una de las mayores preguntas que se hace el lector, es sobre el comportamiento de la abuela ante la situación de ausencia que vive por su nieto. Así mismo, el lector no logra entender el concepto de la utilización de la farsa como un medio para lograr el objetivo de mantener a la abuela en la ilusión que habían creado sobre su nieto. En el siguiente ensayo se resumen, se examinan, y se comentan estos aspectos. El libro nos presenta una probl..

Rede: Die Ernährung der Jugendlichen.
Rede: Die Ernährung der Jugendlichen. Guten Tag meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren! Mein Name ist und ich habe mich in letzter Zeit viel mit dem Thema Sport und Gesundheit beschäftigt. Deswegen habe ich mich entschieden, eine Rede darüber zu halten. Faulheit, Trägheit, Motivationslosigke­it: häufig ein Problem vieler Schüler doch ist es nur eine Frage der Einstellung oder spielen auch andere Faktoren eine wichtige Rolle? Welchen Einfluss haben Fitness und gesunde Ernährung auf unseren Alltag? Im Alltag vieler Schüler mangelt es an Bewegung und ausgewogener Ernährung. Der Alltag eines Schülers besteht größtenteils aus Sitzen und nach einem langen Tag in der Schule hält sich die Motivation für Sport bei den meisten in Grenzen. Ein Großteil der Jugendlichen entscheidet sich lieber für Fastfood, anstatt für eine gesunde Mahlzeit. Die Folgen Antriebslosigkeit, verminderte Lebensqualität bis hin zu Fettleibigkeit. Heutzutage steigt der Anteil der Menschen, die an Übergewicht leiden, stets an, Ursachen sind die Fastfoodketten, ein Überangebot an Lebensmitteln und die mangelnde Bewegung. Unser Energiebedarf im Ruhezustand ist meistens relativ niedrig, deswegen ist er schon nach wenigen Mahlzeiten gedeckt. Um zu verhindern, dass sich überschüssige Energie langfristig ansetzt, ist es extrem wichtig, diese Energie mithilfe vo..

СОВ­РЕi­2;ЕН ­53;ЫЕ ИСТ­ОЧi­3;ИК ­48; РАС­ШИi­6;ЕН ­48;Я СЛО­ВАi­6;НО ­43;О ЗАП­АСh­0; АНГ­ЛИh­9;СК ­54;ГО ЯЗЫ­КА
« » « » 45.03.02-­ : « » 860361 .. . . . .. - . , . .. 2018 ..........­................. 3 I. I.1. .........­......... .5 I.2. ....... .12 II. II.1. , ...........­................. .20 II.2. ... ........26 ........­..................30 ........­....32 ..........­......35 . .

Film review: Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Belgravia
Film review: „Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia“ BBC’s crime drama series „Sherlock“ is an adaptation from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. In the first episode of the second season the monarchy is being blackmailed. Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson are hired to help the monarchy to get the blackmail material back. They discover that there is more to the story than everyone is letting on. Sherlock tries to keep the phone, on which the blackmail material is being held, out of the enemies hands while simultaneously trying to unlock the phone. It begins a long-standing duel with the clever and ruthless Irene Adler. She is the owner of said mobile phone which makes her a target of political factions. Romantic attraction between Sherlock and Irene seems to be the downfall for both of them. In this episode of BBC‘s Sherlock Homes appear the characters Sherlock Holmes, Dr John Watson, Mrs Hudson, DI Greg Lestrade, Mycroft Holmes, Jim Morarty, Molly Hooper and Irene Adler. The main character is Sherlock Holmes, a private detective with extraordinary observing skills, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch. Another main character is Dr John Watson, Sherlocks attentive assi..

Etik Forskellige former for etik - Etik på internettet
Etik Forskellige former for etik - Etik på internettet A) Forskellige former for etik: Etik er et begreb, der bruges i mange forskellige sammenhænge, og derfor findes der mange forskellige definitioner af begrebet. Lige nu vil jeg fokusere på to af dem: Jesper Vinds og Ole Harlings. Jesper Vind molekylærbiolog har siden han var en ung dreng været ateist. Han er formand for Dansk Ateistisk Selskab hvor han møder forskellige reaktioner på hans forhold til religion. Han er vant til at argumentere for sine holdninger og ikke mindst i dag, hvor religion fylder meget i samfundsdebatten. Efter hans mening har etik eller moral ikke noget med religion at gøre. Videnskab har bevist at moralske instinkter kan ses allerede på babystadiet, det kan også ses hos flere dyre grupper og særdeleshed blandt aber. Han påstå også at arkæologiske studier tyder på at mennesket allerede for 50-60 tusinde år siden havde udviklet morals normer, og tog sig af til skade kommende stammemedlemmer. ” Så videnskabeligt set er der ingen grund til at tro at verdenen går i umoralsk kaos, hvis alle blev ateister heldigvis.” – siger Jesper Vind. Han synes også at etik eller moral er svært at definere, men i hans øjne er det noget som hænger sammen med hvordan vi opfører os over for hinanden. Hvilke handlinger vi udfører over for hinanden og hvordan de handlinger opfattes. Er det noget vi gør for vores egen skyld eller gør vi det for vores medmenneskers

Speech on the topic “climate change”
Speech: Climate Change The planet is changing, and it’s changing our life in the process. In the last two decades, the warming of the planet has become increasingly more evident, as summers get longer and winters get warmer. Droughts, rising sea levels because of the melting ice caps, and increasingly more destructive storms are just the beginning. Although we don’t one hundred percent know what the future has in store for us, we can predict the outcome of this climate change - and it’s looking rather grim. The warming rate of our planet is largely influenced by human activity. Ever since the Industrial Revolution our carbon emissions have been intensifying the greenhouse effect. Factories, vehicles, houses, power plants are all contributing to it; as we relentlessly burn fossil fuels, which, although cheap, have costly consequences in store for us. While it is true that carbon dioxide is basically food for plants, we don’t have nearly enough plants on this planet to clean up after our mess. Rapid urbanization and the destruction of forests to plant crops is slowly but surely stripping the world of green, eliminating one of our defenses against the accumulation of greenhouse g..

Westward Ho: America after the revolution
Westward Ho! After the American Revolution the country prospered and flourished and by 1898 it had the same size as today. But the economic conditions were bad in the East, so some pioneers thought that they could start a new life in the west. So, in 1804, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark started an expedition through territory no with man has ever seen before, mountains full of wild animals and streams full of fish. On January 24, 1848 Gold was found and the news spread through Europe. A lot of people came there with tents or made huts and searched for gold and they had names like Red Dog or Rich Bar. But, of course, not everyone found gold, however the liked the climate and they stayed there and established farms or created businesses. Until 1865 in the Far West lived a lot of people, but the area from the Mississippi westward had been ignored. With the Homestead Act of 1862 they tried that people also settle there. So, they sold the land very cheaply, but the living conditions were very hard, because it was windswept and barren. However, the Great Plans were ideal for raising cattle and growing grain. The people there lived in awful conditions, because trees were scarce so the built dugouts or sod houses and they were dirty and muddy and the weather was so extreme, with howling winds and a lot of snow. Another problem were also the grasshoppers, so some people gave u..

Recovery and Rebirth: The Age of Renaissance
Renaissance Recovery and Rebirth: The Age of Renaissance Belong the 14th and the 15th century to the Middle Ages or are they a beginning of a new era? Same patterns continued but there were also elements of recovery that made the 5th century a period of political, economic, artistic and intellectual changes. The humanists and intellectuals . age of rebirth believing that they had restored arts and letters after they had been dead for many years Accomplished individuals For example Michelangelo or warior Pope=Pope Julius Rebirth of classical civilization of the Greeks and Romans Renaissance Own unique characteristics (not all the same like Middle Ages) Characteristics of the Italian Renaissance Renaissance=Rebirt­h Much continuity between Middle Ages and Renaissance Between 1350 and 1550, rebirth of antiquity or Greek and Roman civilization To them the years between the end of the Roman empire and their own era was a middle period = Middle ages, characterized by darkness because of its lack of classical culture. Features: Rebirth of antiquity Perfecting of an individual and individual ability Secularism = Weltlichkeit Renaissance Italy was an urban(städtisch) society. The people got wealthier and a new secular spirit was built, this gave new possibilities. It was also a recovery of the dark 14th century, were Black Death, political disorder and economic problems were normal. Rediscovery of

Analysis: "The Outpost of Progress" by Joseph Conrad
The short story “An Outpost of Progress” written by Joseph Conrad, addresses the unhealthy and critical period of the white men’s settlement at the station. Just befo­re their lives are filled with only madness and sickness, the two white men endure countless days of loneliness. They even lose their only ally, Gobila, through their inconvenient confidence to believe Makola. Additionally, their daily nourishment consists of boiled rice and a cup of coffee, since they cannot secure any prey they would have hunted. Besides being theoretically imprisoned in an unknown land without food and equipment to travel, they ought to lose their temper towards each other once. Obviously, this separates the white men once again, while unleashing their untamed madness. After this insidious fight, they are now truly alone. Both characters act somewhat indifferent throughout the entire passage, yet one of them starts rebelling which then determines the end of the whole story. The passage is compiled of half a dozen climaxes that foreshadow the upcoming heat in certain events. “Days lengthened into weeks, then into months.” (l. 1) for instance, which elevates the protagonists’ lo­ss of patience and faith in the director’s return. Allegedly, this starts the whole conflict between the two protagonists, as their impatience affects their behavior. Also, the climax “At

Іст­орo­0;я пор­івl­5;ял ­00;но­075;о літ­ерk­2;ту ­88;оз­085;ав&#­1089;тв&­#1072; в Укр­аїl­5;і
3 ­ 3. ­ ­ ­. ­ . ­. . ­ ­. ­ . -­ . ­. . ­ ­ ­ . – . ­ 1. ­ . ­. ­ ­ ­ ­ . ­ (1841-1895) «’­ ­» (1874-1891). ­ ­. «’­

In your opinion what is the most important characteristic that a person can have to be successful in life?
In your opinion what is the most important characteristic (e.g. honesty, intelligence, a sense of humor,.) that a person can have to be successful in life? How manny people say to you that you must be good at school to be successful in life? And how often you sit in the class and think :“Oh no this exsame was not good. I can have a four because then I have on the school supplies a three and then I am realy bad and no company give me a training place. And than I can not earn my one money and I am not successful!“ But I will show you that knowloedge not the one characteristic is that make a person successful in the life. Fisrt of all when you speak from a successful life? Some people say that a successful life is when you have your one company or you have your ideal job. Other people say that a successful life is when you have a good A-Level or an realy good graduation from the secondary school. But some people say that a successful life is when you have things they make you happy like a family or the best husband from the world. That is why Researcher can not say witch characteristi..

Einsendeaufgabe ILS English Grammar 2: Homework Assignment: Crowdfunding Lückentext
Einsendeaufgaben Englisch Grammar 2 C.Homework Assignment Part one: You are sitting at your desk at this moment with a very innovative idea but not enough money to start your own business? Maybe crowdfunding would be just the right thing for you. This is when lots of people invest a little money in a start-up business, which is where the name crowdfunding came from. You put a profile of your idea on the internet and after they will read it and think about it, people will decide if they want to invest. A few months ago a friend of mine needed money to launch the film he has made. At the time he was working part-time as a teacher but he did not earn enough for his film project. He found it hard to get big investors but then he heard about crowdfunding. He described his business plan and offered people free cinema tickets if they would invest. He has been so successful that he will do it again for his next film. It is thought that the first crowdfunded project was for a rock band in 1997. The fans gave 60,000 dollars so that the band could go on tour. In the last few years, because more and more people started using the internet, crowdfunding became a good alternative for more potential business people. ..

A summary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s „A scandal in Bohemia“
Summary of a scandal in Bohemia The short story “A scandal in Bohemia” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle concentrates on the main character Sherlock Holmes inspecting his new case, in which he finds photos of King Wilhelm of Bohemia and his mistress before she sends them to his future wife. The story starts out with Dr.Watson visiting Sherlock Holmes in his apartment, on the same day that Sherlock is hired by the King himself to find the pictures. The mistress, named Irene Adler, would like to prevent his marriage to a noble lady. Though the king came in disguise, Sherlock Holmes was able to deduct that was in fact the king, by observing him closely. The following morning, Sherlock Holmes visited Irene Adlers neighborhood to try and discover more about her, to make his task easier. On his trip he learns that Irene Adler has a lover. On that same day, she marries the man, named Godfrey Norton. Holmes stages a fire alarm at Irene Adlers apartment, to find out where the photos could be hidden. He figures that when the fire alarm goes off, Irene Adler will save her pictures of blackmail. When everyone starts shrieking because of the fake smoke, Shwelock spies into Irene’s apartment from a nearby window and sees her taking the photo from behind the frame of a picture, and then put it back when the fire is dismissed as a hoax. Later that night, ..

Einsendeaufgabe ILS Soku3: Sozialkunde - Deutschland eine Demokratie
SoKu 3/ 1114 K21 Einsendeaufgaben Sozialkunde 1 Aufgabe 1: Fehler 1: Die Bundesrepublik Deutschland ist keine Monarchie, sondern eine Demokratie. Fehler 2: In Deutschland gibt es keinen Volksentscheid. Fehler 3: Die Wahlen zum Bundestag finden alle vier Jahre statt. Fehler 4: Nicht das Volk, sondern die Parteien wählen den Bundeskanzler. Fehler 5: Man muss seit mindestens drei Monaten in Deutschland leben. Fehler 6: Man kann nur ab dem 18. Lebensjahr gewählt werden, wenn man auch deutscher Staatsbürger ist. Fehler 7: Es ist immer Pflicht seine Stimme in einer Wahlkabine zu sagen und anschließend in die Wahlurne zu werfen. Fehler 8: Wahlentscheidend ist die Zweitstimme. Fehler 9: Der gewählte Kandidat braucht keine absolute Mehrheit es reicht eine Mehrheit. Fehler 10: Es gibt 598 Bundestagssitze 299 davon sind für die Erststimme und die anderen 299 für die Zweitstimme. Fehler 11: Mit der Erststimme kann man seinen Wunschkandidat als Bundeskanzler wählen. Fehler 12: Stimmensplitting hat schon Sinn, wenn man die Erststimme den Wunschkandidaten gibt und die Zweitstimme einer eher schwächeren Partei, sodass die zwei Parteien am Ende eine Koalition bilden können. Aufgabe 2: Richtig 6∋†­776;≤+ 5;≤+†;­⊥ 5;≤+†;­⊥ 6∋†­776;≤+ 4∞†­869;∋+∞ 3: 4†≈

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